The Feywild is one of the three material planes of Wu’ult and a magical echo of the principal realm: the Irstir. In this dimension, all aspects of the Irstir are augmented and imbued with bountiful amounts of arcane magic, resulting in a beautiful land filled with a multitude of powerful enchanted beings.

In the golden age before the Ugneta Empire, mythical portals linked the Irstir to the Feywild and allowed free passage to all. But as the Empire’s inevitable rise and brutality became clear, the inhabitants of the Feywild – the Eladrin – sealed the way permanently. In doing so, the Eladrin were able to survive the brunt of the Ugneta’s slaughter relatively unscathed but at the cost of losing their connection to the Irstir.

Nonetheless, the Eladrin maintained the power to send people one-way from the Feywild to the Irstir by drawing upon the massive magical energies present within their realm. This method is typically employed as a means of enforcing eternal exile upon the most deviant of their kind, although occasionally one will choose to leave willingly for their own reasons.

Modern folklore says that one can still reach the Feywild by sailing over the edge of the world, though nearly all believe this to be idle fantasy. Regardless, some eccentric explorers have led expeditions out from the remote coastal town of Foolsport in an effort to reach this realm. None have returned.


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