Wu’ult is the name given to the material world. This world is in turn split up into three parallel planes: the Irstir, the Feywild, and the Shadowfell. The latter two planes are in truth merely magical “echoes” of the Irstir and travel to them (but not from) is widely considered impossible. As such, “Wu’ult” commonly refers to the Irstir alone.


Aside from the heavenly bodies above, Wu’ult consists entirely of a massive flat disc, upon which float three large continents: Gatserd, Nyerd, and Barnjord. Closer to the center of this disc, a chain of islands called the Arpalnylzi surround the massive volcano Harzpyre – the Heart of Fire – upon the isle called Inzylpyre. According to scholars, all lands originally spewed forth as molten rock from Harzpyre and are slowly drifting away at a glacial pace towards the edge of the world.

In addition to acting as the source of the earth, Harzpyre is also credited with giving it continued life. With a roughly regular cycle lasting approximately six years, the volcano’s heat rises and falls dramatically, providing the people of Wu’ult with growing seasons in which to stockpile food and prepare for the long, cold winter. However, the far edges of the world typically remain frigid regardless of the season.


Legend says that the Divines first carved out the world in their own image, with each controlling their own domain shaped to reflect their particular aspect. During this time, the deities created the first intelligent races who inherited the attributes of their makers. However, the gods eventually withdrew from Wu’ult to the Yaetir.

In these early days, the races were all joined together in one massive civilization, in a golden age lasting nearly two thousand years. Humans, elves, and halflings worked alongside tieflings, goblins, and drow, blending their god-given specialties to pioneer tremendous advances in learning, technology, and magic alike.

In time though, this great peace collapsed, and a great war ensued between the races. At the end of this massive conflict, humans had somehow emerged victorious and began a brutal regime known as the Ugneta Empire.

After little under four hundred years of oppression, the Ugneta Empire collapsed just as mysteriously as it had come into power. Some people speak of powerful heroes who brought down the Empire’s leadership, but most historians contend that its sorcerer-kings wrought their own destruction by dabbling in magic too powerful to control.

The world was in ruins. Between the near-genocide of other races at the hands of the Ugneta and the Empire’s eventual demise, the races scattered and struggled to survive in the chaotic aftermath. The entire continent of Gatserd, home of the Empire and cradle of civilization, was left an abandoned wasteland.

Now, over five hundred years after the downfall of the Ugneta, cities have risen once again on the eastern part of Nyerd. Most inhabitants of these lands are human, while the survivors of the Empire’s slaughter keep their distance in hiding.


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